Rug Usage

After purchasing your favorite rug from Inktee Store, you might not know how to fix some issues upon unboxing, or how to clean your rug properly. This guide will briefly show you how to deal with these problems with ease.

1. Flattening the rug & removing creases

Rugs often look folded and appear with some creases on them after delivery. To fix these issues on your rug after unboxing, follow these step below: 

● Spread the rug on a flat platform (e.g a table or the floor), step on it and walk around for a while, and put some weight on it. The carpet will gradually become flat 

● Gently wash the rug and dry by hanging it up to eliminate the odor and also creases on the carpet

2. Cleaning & washing the rug

a) Daily cleaning:

– By broom: This is the best way to clean carpets of large size. To clean your carpet, please use a broom with plastic fiber instead of natural to avoid the fiber falling on the rug and make it harder to clean.

– By vacuum cleaner: A more optimal choice for you if you find out that the broom is not good enough. Once per two days using the vacuum cleaner might perfectly help you to keep your carpet clean.

b) Stain cleaning

– General stains: You can use general detergents such as:

+ Washing powder (mixed with water)

+ Multi-purpose cleaning cream & spray

+ Or try this mixture: 1 spoon of dish soap + 1 spoon of vinegar + 2 small cup of warm water

Then use a white cloth or sponge to gently scrub the stain until it fades away. – Oil stain from foods: First, remove the food that fell on the rug. Then, mix a small cup of baking soda with some drops of tea extract and sprinkle it over the stain. Wait for about 30 minutes and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the mixture on the carpet.

– Stains from colored drinks: First, use a piece of dry cloth (e.g towel) to quickly absorb the liquid. Then, spray glass cleaner on the stain, put a white towel on, then keep ironing the area until the white towel completely absorbs the stain.

c) Washing

With any type of washable rug, use cold water and a liquid detergent. If you have a front-load or top-load high-efficiency washer, loading the rugs into the washer is simple: add your detergent and toss in the rugs. Try to wash two rugs together or add some towels for the best results during the high spin cycle. For standard top load washers, the load should be balanced around the center agitator. An unbalanced load can cause wild gyrations and even harm your machine. If you don’t have enough rugs, wash tennis shoes, towels or rags to balance the load.

3. Rug preservation

– Our rug is best for internal use, in a closed, dustless place that is usually cleaned. This will help avoid the rug being stained as much as possible. If you tend to use the rug in an open, dusty place, you should consider rugs with dark colors so that the stains will look less visible.

– Our rug is washable; however, to preserve the durability of the rug, you should clean the rug every day, avoid stepping on the rug with shoes and sandals on and putting non-stainless devices or tools on the rug instead of washing it usually

– Avoid direct sunlight on the rug when in use as well as when drying the rug. Also, do not dry the rug by hanging it for too long, because this will make the rug more crunchy and easy to get broken.